Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Love for a Plant


Only a child's love can be so pure 

Tactile Explorations

Many a time we are so overwhelmed with our vision and what we can see, that we tend to ignore the other senses and their usefulness.

Though children tend to rely on and value the sense of sight to observe and learn about the world around them, we should stimulate other senses like touch, hearing and smelling to make them enhance those senses as well. We never know when in our life we may have rely solely on the other senses as well. Apart from this, the blindfold activities will stimulate and enhance different parts of brain as well.
When we break away from regular teaching pattern, the child will enjoy the activity as well.
When children use their tactile senses it creates muscular memory, which is one of the strongest memories. Remember how you never forget to cycle once you learn it?

My Giggle Garden being a Montessori inclusive school, we have tons of tactile activities for children. During homeschooling era, our parents followed up with our guidance and came up with their own form of activities to promote Tactile Exploration of children.

Teaching Children To Express Their Feelings

 Children who do not identify emotions or learn to express it are usually confused as to why they feel certain way at times. Though the positive emotions do not bother them much, they are confused about anger, fear, sadness etc which doesn't make them feel so good. 

It is important that we create awareness in children about different emotions they experience and also let them know it is ok to feel angry, sad or afraid at times. Knowing their emotions will guide them handle them properly and also to express them when needed without being ashamed of experiencing it.  

We at My Giggle Garden encourage children to talk about their feelings and emotions. We listen to them patiently when they struggle to find the right words or actions to express themselves. Thankfully, our parents also understand the importance of it and teach it to their children. 

Homeschooling did not hinder this important learning for our Gigglers. It is amazing to see them express different emotions so adeptly. 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Innovative Way Of Teaching

 I was quite surprised that Kundana's mom came up with this innovative way to keep the Sensorial activity going on at home. In Giggle Garden we concentrate a lot on sensory development of a child along with improving their focus on task and increasing their attention span. It is more about child development which will make learning easy rather than just memorizing the lessons. 

When I started homeschooling, my biggest worry was about how parents will compensate the Montessori setup of our school. It is amazing that parents came with great ideas and did a good job with things available at home. 

You can see it for yourself ....

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Hats Off to New Age Teachers - Moms

 Usually on teacher's day, I fondly recall the beautiful memories of my school and my amazing teachers. But this year I will dedicate it to parent's who faced with lock-down and closure of schools, took the role of a teacher and brought about wonderful learning outcome in children.Now I really understand why all believe that a mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. How true! I realize that given the challenge, moms can be great teachers. All they needed was a bit of a guidance from My Giggle Garden.

I am amazed to see their innovative ideas which can put educationists to shame. Be it teaching to write, read or understand a concept; parent's came up with great ideas which I have decided to implement in our teaching from next term.

Because of the wonderful contribution from parents, we at Giggle Garden are ready for re-opening anytime the covid19 pandemic is tackled. We know the parents have followed the curriculum exactly like we would have done in school. Precisely we are bit ahead in our academic year this time. The regular submission of assignments has ensured that I know exactly how much each child has learned at home. 

Thanking all the Giggler's parents who handled homeschooling so well. We teacher's couldn't have done it any better. Hats off to you all. 

Sharing some pictures with you all to walk down the memory lane.

The Banyan Tree Drama By Nursery Students

The story of the drama is as interesting as the story behind the children who performed on stage in this drama. 

Every child who performed in the drama came with a challenge. One of them hated costumes and even during festivities his parents had to compromise and dress him up in T shirt and jeans. It was amazing to see this shy boy perform as a banyan tree. Last year one of them had cried and was scared of stage, but in a year we could see the excitement in him to perform and eagerly looking forward to the applause. 

If we do not give up and encourage all children will be successful in their own way. As teachers and guides, when we were training children for the drama, we never knew what they would do when we really got them on the stage to perform, but they went way beyond our expectations. 

It is great joy for me to watch all them together - overcoming their challenges. 

Daycare - A Home With Friends

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