Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tactile Explorations

Many a time we are so overwhelmed with our vision and what we can see, that we tend to ignore the other senses and their usefulness.

Though children tend to rely on and value the sense of sight to observe and learn about the world around them, we should stimulate other senses like touch, hearing and smelling to make them enhance those senses as well. We never know when in our life we may have rely solely on the other senses as well. Apart from this, the blindfold activities will stimulate and enhance different parts of brain as well.
When we break away from regular teaching pattern, the child will enjoy the activity as well.
When children use their tactile senses it creates muscular memory, which is one of the strongest memories. Remember how you never forget to cycle once you learn it?

My Giggle Garden being a Montessori inclusive school, we have tons of tactile activities for children. During homeschooling era, our parents followed up with our guidance and came up with their own form of activities to promote Tactile Exploration of children.

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