Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Banyan Tree Drama By Nursery Students

The story of the drama is as interesting as the story behind the children who performed on stage in this drama. 

Every child who performed in the drama came with a challenge. One of them hated costumes and even during festivities his parents had to compromise and dress him up in T shirt and jeans. It was amazing to see this shy boy perform as a banyan tree. Last year one of them had cried and was scared of stage, but in a year we could see the excitement in him to perform and eagerly looking forward to the applause. 

If we do not give up and encourage all children will be successful in their own way. As teachers and guides, when we were training children for the drama, we never knew what they would do when we really got them on the stage to perform, but they went way beyond our expectations. 

It is great joy for me to watch all them together - overcoming their challenges. 

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