Sunday, September 24, 2023

Daycare - A Home With Friends

 Today, daycare is a necessity for most working parents. Some of them go through severe guilt, especially if the child is unwilling to stay in daycare and they have to force the child to stay back. 

@ My Giggle Garden, we create a lively environment for the children so they don't feel reluctant to come over. Many of our children do not miss the center when the parents have a day off. One of the main reasons for their happy participation in our daycare is the friendship and camaraderie they have developed with other children and the staff. The bond they share is so beautiful and precious. Our daycare has become a home with their friends for many children. I feel so happy that the parents are at ease knowing that their children are safe and happy when they are working hard to secure their children's future. 

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Color Sorting

This is a simple color sorting activity for your child. You can use anything you have at home to teach the child to identify colors around them.

Even though this appears to be a very simple concept to learn, children have difficulty identifying different colors and remembering their names. Sometimes they can identify the red in crayon but not in their dress. Giving children different objects around their home will help them identify colors in real usable objects in their own tiny world.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Buttoning Skill

Fine motor movements play crucial role in child development. The child finds buttoning a very challenging task at first, but, when they finally succeed in doing it, a sense of achievement gives them a huge boost in confidence. It is very easy to give this activity to child. Any old shirts available at home can be used for this activity.

Education shouldn't be only about reading, writing or Math. It should involve overall development of the child - physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Ganesh Chathurthi In My Giggle Garden

We can always buy good and often cheap products from Market for cultural events. Children will never remember anything strongly that they were not involved in creating. @My Giggle Garden, preschool and daycare, we believe in involving children in all the activities. This Ganesh Chaturthi they created Ganesha from plates. They tremendously enjoyed colouring the paper plates and proudly carried the Ganesha home. 


Monday, August 21, 2023

Independence Day - 2023

Independence Day is an occasion for dressing up as Indian leaders and heroes for Gigglers @Giggle Garden Preschool and Daycare every year. This way, children will remember the leaders of India. 

Friday, July 28, 2023

International Tiger Day - 29th July 2023

We celebrated International Tiger Day @ My Giggle Garden, Preschool and Daycare. Punyakoti is a very famous song in Karnataka. It has unfortunately made most of the children hate tigers. Let us make them good about majestic beast once again.

Our little Tigers on International Tiger Day. This is celebrated annually on July 29. The tiger enjoys the reputation of being the largest of the world’s big cats. A tiger can be easily identified with its distinctive orange and black stripes on its face and body. International Tiger Day is celebrated across the globe so that all of us can raise awareness for tiger conservation. The day aims to build a worldwide system that will be dedicated to protecting tigers and their natural habitats. A safe and thriving habitat for tigers means that we conserve other species and our forests, too. Through International Tiger Day we can work for a future where humans and tigers can cohabit peacefully.


Monday, July 24, 2023

Introducing The Season - Monsoon

 Monsoon is here and it is time to learn about rainy season. Seeing is believing. Nothing compares to learning about what you are experiencing.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Happy Children are Smart Children

A child has to feel loved, cared for and respected in any environment. Be it school, home or any outing they are having, it is important to see that their physical and emotional needs are met. 
Not crowding the classrooms allows 
teachers to pay attention to 
children's needs.

Children are different from each other in their own unique way. Their learning pattern, style, pace and skills will be different. We @ My Giggle Garden Preschool, Bangalore adopt different methods of teaching children. Also we give them individual attention. Our teacher student ratio being 1:8 it is easy to manage our methodology. Every child here is allowed to learn in their own comfortable way. We see tremendous change in children in short period of time in our school. 
Children following the leader who sets rules for the game to be played in daycare

We give certain responsibilities to children like taking care of their bags, eating lunch independently, teaching younger students or developing a certain skill which they are interested in. 
Visual learning helps younger children a lot

Even though we are taking baby steps in the field of education - we aim to make a difference in the life of children who come to our school. 

Monday, June 12, 2023

Learning Pattern of My Giggle Garden Preschool and Daycare

Individual attention for children is a part of Giggle Garden preschool and daycare

Learning with help of an adult in Giggle Garden preschool and daycare

Children often need the care and attention of adults even outside their homes. In school, especially in early education, it is highly important to make the child feel secure, comforted, happy and moreover loved. Nothing expresses love better than being present with them in their world. 

My Giggle Garden, a small preschool and daycare in Bangalore aims at meeting the needs of children in early education and daycare as well in all aspects of their life. We include, play, communication, creative activities and social skills along with the much academic learning. They will learn about gardening and responsibility that comes with the job. They are aware of keeping their classroom clean, putting back the materials where they belong and keeping their books in respective places. 

Children learn to share playthings in order. Sometimes they know they have to wait sometime before their turn comes. Children need to build kindness but they have to have their competitive spirits as well. Games at My Giggle Garden preschool and daycare are based on winning at times but most of them are entertaining and learning experience for children where all win. 

It is our small effort to make a perfect place for children in their early childhood. 

Academics are important for future growth of children ability to build a career. Writing and Reading session are in small groups @ My Giggle Garden preschool and daycare

Art and craft to bring out creativity of preschoolers in Giggle Garden preschool and daycare

Art and craft to bring out creativity of preschoolers in Giggle Garden preschool and daycare

Doing and Learning is always good for a child. Activity based learning is a part of Giggle Garden preschool curriculum

Social gathering of few daycare children @ Giggle Garden preschool and daycare

Doing and Learning is always good for a child. Activity based learning is a part of Giggle Garden preschool curriculum

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Garden In My Giggle Garden

Last time when we opened Giggle Garden, we did not have enough space to create a garden for children, yet we planted few plants in pots and introduced a bit of gardening to all our preschoolers. My dream was to have a garden for them to explore, learn and become responsible. After Covid19 pandemic, we shifted to a new place which has a reasonably large backyard. We are yet to utilize it fully. 

Gardening is a rewarding experience benefitting preschoolers physically, emotionally, and academically. We, @ My Giggle Garden Preschool and Daycare will be allocating a small fund to start a gardening practice that will teach children how to relate to the natural world. We want it to be a process that allows children to witness cause and effect in action.

While working in the garden, preschoolers develop fine motor control and also work larger muscles: gardening uses practically every muscle in the body. At present our children will only water and care for the plants. We will get child friendly tools and permission from parents before venturing further. Sensorial lessons are found throughout the garden; preschoolers can practice color recognition, identify fragrances, and learn how fresh food tastes. Emotionally, gardening reduces stress while cognitively it improves attention and memory. Studies show that gardening increases math and science skills and even boosts standardized test scores.

Children will see different leaves, their shapes and colours. They will see how plants change with seasons. They will also see the trees, bushes, creepers and small plants. No book will be able to replace the learning through experience for children.

The first step is taken now. Let us slowly progress to create a beautiful place for our Gigglers to enjoy.


Monday, April 24, 2023

A Picnic In The Lap Of Nature

There is a panic among parents and experts alike of children spending more and more time indoors which increased after the lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic. The crisis has a name now : Nature deficit disorder.

Children spend around 7 hours in front of a screen whereas their outdoor activities will average in minutes. Children are very comfortable indoors now, thanks to the devices that keep them engaged. They have lost touch with nature. Many don’t even know how enjoyable outdoors can be. Besides, it is very necessary for children to play outside. Many researchers agree that kids who play outside are happier, better at paying attention and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors.

Spending time in nature can build their confidence.

There’s a lot less structure than most types of indoor play and they can choose how they interact with the nature around them. This gives them practice managing their own actions and encourages creativity and imagination.

Being outdoors can also teach them responsibility. For example, if they are in charge of watering a plant, they can learn that they must take care of living things to keep them alive.

Being outside gets kids moving, too. Regardless of what they’re doing, there’s usually more exercise involved than if they were sitting on the couch. Not only is exercise good for kids’ bodies, but it seems to make them more focused. This is especially helpful for kids with ADHD. Being outside also helps kids feel less stressed.

After the Covid19 Pandemic, we see an increase in parental fears about diseases and dangers of playing outside—despite evidence to the contrary.

As much as we concentrate on studies in My Giggle Garden, Preschool and Daycare, we encourage children to play outside and be in touch with nature as well.

We organized a picnic for our students in the heart of Turahalli forest. A glimpse into it below through pictures.

My Giggle Garden, Preschool Picnic day

Happy preschool child after enjoying the picnic

Preschoolers bid final good-bye to the park

Preschool children of My Giggle Garden walking in Turahalli forest

My Giggle Garden Preschool children enjoying sunset

Music and dance of My Giggle Garden Preschool children

Tired and resting after expending all their energy - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Playing and having fun but under our protective eye - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Cute and funny - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Posing for picture - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Only those who can have fun can help children enjoy - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Pensive and playful - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Happy, right? -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Under our care and protection - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Very attentive and well behaved children of My Giggle Garden Preschool

This is fun - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Riding the horse -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Circular swing at the park was great fun -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Everyone loves slide -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Another horse rider - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Swinging away their day -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Sliding down -My Giggle Garden Preschool

More sliders -My Giggle Garden Preschool

I landed - My Giggle Garden Preschool

I am not afraid =-My Giggle Garden Preschool

There is not end to this fun -My Giggle Garden Preschool

The smile says it all -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Who needs hair for a picnic? -My Giggle Garden Preschool

Budding climbers - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Pretty girl - My Giggle Garden Preschool

Daycare - A Home With Friends

 Today, daycare is a necessity for most working parents. Some of them go through severe guilt, especially if the child is unwilling to stay ...