Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Garden In My Giggle Garden

Last time when we opened Giggle Garden, we did not have enough space to create a garden for children, yet we planted few plants in pots and introduced a bit of gardening to all our preschoolers. My dream was to have a garden for them to explore, learn and become responsible. After Covid19 pandemic, we shifted to a new place which has a reasonably large backyard. We are yet to utilize it fully. 

Gardening is a rewarding experience benefitting preschoolers physically, emotionally, and academically. We, @ My Giggle Garden Preschool and Daycare will be allocating a small fund to start a gardening practice that will teach children how to relate to the natural world. We want it to be a process that allows children to witness cause and effect in action.

While working in the garden, preschoolers develop fine motor control and also work larger muscles: gardening uses practically every muscle in the body. At present our children will only water and care for the plants. We will get child friendly tools and permission from parents before venturing further. Sensorial lessons are found throughout the garden; preschoolers can practice color recognition, identify fragrances, and learn how fresh food tastes. Emotionally, gardening reduces stress while cognitively it improves attention and memory. Studies show that gardening increases math and science skills and even boosts standardized test scores.

Children will see different leaves, their shapes and colours. They will see how plants change with seasons. They will also see the trees, bushes, creepers and small plants. No book will be able to replace the learning through experience for children.

The first step is taken now. Let us slowly progress to create a beautiful place for our Gigglers to enjoy.


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