Sunday, July 9, 2023

Happy Children are Smart Children

A child has to feel loved, cared for and respected in any environment. Be it school, home or any outing they are having, it is important to see that their physical and emotional needs are met. 
Not crowding the classrooms allows 
teachers to pay attention to 
children's needs.

Children are different from each other in their own unique way. Their learning pattern, style, pace and skills will be different. We @ My Giggle Garden Preschool, Bangalore adopt different methods of teaching children. Also we give them individual attention. Our teacher student ratio being 1:8 it is easy to manage our methodology. Every child here is allowed to learn in their own comfortable way. We see tremendous change in children in short period of time in our school. 
Children following the leader who sets rules for the game to be played in daycare

We give certain responsibilities to children like taking care of their bags, eating lunch independently, teaching younger students or developing a certain skill which they are interested in. 
Visual learning helps younger children a lot

Even though we are taking baby steps in the field of education - we aim to make a difference in the life of children who come to our school. 

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