Preschool & Daycare

We offer a comprehensive early childhood education program for children, starting from preschool and continuing with daycare services. Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn and grow. Our dedicated team of experienced educators guides the children through a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the development of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. We understand the challenges faced by working parents, and our daycare services are specifically designed to support them by offering a safe and structured environment for their children while they are at work. We prioritize the individual needs and interests of each child, fostering a love for learning and preparing them for future academic success.

Playgroup - 1.6 to 3 years

Children learn important skills such as socializing, communicating, and learning through play. These activities help prepare them for nursery and provide them with a fun and engaging environment. They have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as dancing, singing, playing games, and building relationships with their peers.

Nursery - 3 to 4 years

We follow the CBSE curriculum, providing our students with a comprehensive education that meets the standards set by the Central Board of Secondary Education. In addition to this, we also incorporate technology into our teaching methods through the use of Chimple Learning EdTech. Furthermore, our teaching approach is inspired by the Montessori method, which promotes practical, hands-on learning. This encourages our students to develop a strong sense of focus and concentration, as they actively engage with the subjects they are studying.

L.K.G. - 4 to 5 years

Children will continue their education following the same framework as before, with a greater emphasis on developing their letter and numerical writing skills. They will be encouraged to actively participate in activities such as story telling and narrating incidents, fostering their creativity and communication abilities. These exercises aim to enhance their language and cognitive development, enabling them to express their thoughts and ideas more effectively.

U.K.G. - 5 to 6 years

We believe in actively preparing children for grade 1 by placing a greater emphasis on academic learning. However, we also understand the importance of allowing them to enjoy their final year in preschool. We provide a balance by incorporating fun activities, picnics, and co-curricular programs into their daily routines. This ensures that they have the opportunity to learn and grow academically, while still having the chance to participate in enjoyable experiences.

Daycare - 18 Months to 10 years

Our daycare center is a beloved place for children, and their parents are extremely satisfied with the care we provide. Offering affordable prices, we prioritize the safety, love, and overall well-being of each child in our center. We strive to create a nurturing environment where children feel secure and supported. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the highest quality childcare, ensuring that every child receives the attention and care they deserve.


Tuitions for children - LKG to VII grade

Dance : Classical and Contemporary

Drawing, Art and Craft Classes

Summer Camp